WINN Wednesday – Innovation is the answer. Have we forgotten the question?

Wed 5th Apr 2017 at 5:00 pm - 8:30 pm, Worcester Arena, Worcester

WINN Wednesday - Innovation is the answer. Have we forgotten the question?
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Worcester Arena


Are we neglecting the “problem phase” of innovation?

A generation ago huge government backed innovations, such as the US Space programme, had dramatic benefits in technology, science and innovation that has affected the lives of millions. For example, we have
smartphone cameras because NASA required tiny cameras on a chip for interplanetary travel. The Space programme generated a sense of optimism in the future suggesting that by the early 21st century many of the worlds woes would be a distant memory.

What happened?

Innovation is being touted across all industries, all government departments and throughout the education systems of the world as the ‘answer’, but the answer to what? Are we forgetting that innovation is
a response to a problem? For instance, the wind-up radio was in response to a lack of batteries in Africa, something that was hampering education.

What are today’s big questions?

How can tomorrow’s inventions provide a brighter future for us all? How can we move away from minor product iterations towards game changers that address REAL societal issues and benefit as many as possible?
Given this should the huge economic, social, and technical challenges facing us be left in the hands of private businesses? Or does government have a greater role to play?

Let’s regain the true spirit of innovation and discuss how we all have a role to play in optimistically answering life’s big questions.


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