We can very happily report that our second event was just as, if not more successful than the first. We had stacks of positive feedback, and everyone who attended seemed in great spirits about both the evening itself and what we are working toward achieving.

The event was held at PCA Predict – who very kindly laid on beer and pizza for us. If you didn’t get to try Ralph’s beer, you really missed out! That said, PCA said on the night that we could use the space any time we like. We have of course taken them up on the offer – and there are already rumours of the beer being on tap once again!

We are of course hugely grateful to Jamie from PCA for all of the continued support – we really feel like we have landed on our feet with this relationship! Thanks Jamie, for both the support, and of course your talk about the beer taps on the evening!

Thanks also Rob Draper and Derek Tanner for their talks. Derek provided us with some insights into managing innovation within a business. This was especially interesting as his views started an interesting discussion with Jamie from PCA who’s views on the same topic differed slightly.

Rob’s talk about his path from being a graffiti artist as a youth all the way through his career to today where, almost full circle he has returned to drawing the ‘disposable’ on mugs, was nothing short of hugely inspiring – thanks Rob, spot on!

If you couldn’t make it to the event, why not join us for our next event on the 20th of June? We will announce the details soon, in the meantime Subscribe here and we’ll keep you up to date with everything we are up to!


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