We are coming toward the end of our first year of planning and running The Kiln. We’ve had two very successful events and are extremely pleased with the reception we have had a both of them.

Of course, we’ve also been up to a lot more in the background – mostly meeting and talking to all sort of local people about what we are trying to achieve. We’ve talked to the creative and tech business communities, the city and county council, political parties, the college and university, and we’ve more recently we’ve had the pleasure of talking with some of the talent attending and indeed just leaving the university.

These conversations haven’t always gone how we expected, most have been positive, some critical, but even the critical ones have been extremely constructive to our cause. One way or another though, there’s often been a consistent theme in these conversations. It would be impossible to count the amount of times we have been told that what we are doing – almost regardless of the eventual outcome – it is a positive thing. It is seemingly unanimously agreed that Worcester needs some sort of core to its creative, tech and entrepreneurial communities – the makers and doers need a home!

Outside of all the approval of our cause we’ve also been given countless ideas about what form this “core” should take. We have done our best to document as many of those ideas as possible – be it through our survey, through the surf-notice-board that’s been stood up at the events, or just committed to our hungry brains – if there is one thing we’re not short of, it’s ideas.
Ideas are one thing – but as the end of our first year comes into sight we are beginning to feel like we need a plan! To this end, we have four events planned to round off the first year and start our second year.

These events will be a ‘Ideas forum’ (tickets available now), a Summer BBQ, a ‘Student Engagement Forum’ and finally a big event to announce and discuss our big plans for our second year.

Keep your eyes peeled for details of all these events coming soon. If you aren’t already signed up to receive our emails, then sign up here. You can also follow us on Facebook & Twitter, help spread the word, tell your family and friends what we are up to, but more importantly let us know any thoughts you have about what we are up to. Ultimately this isn’t about The Kiln, this is about you, and above all it’s about building something positive for our community – if that’s something you care about, then please get involved!

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