The Plan - Where? What? When? Where? Who?

Where are we

Worcester – a fast-growing and well-placed small city with a booming university, friendly people and a history of engineering, easily accessible from Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and the West Midlands.

Worcester is a heritage city with a strong making and manufacturing history and a fast-growing university town Approximately 10% of the city’s population are students, digital natives equipped for the future

But, despite the university, young people are leaving Worcester for cities such as Bristol and Birmingham with a stronger support network for their aspirations


If young people leave Worcestershire, their digital and creative skills go with them.

Freelancers, such as designers and developers, have no flexible space to use for work, meetings, and find it tough to meet clients

Skilled students and locals aren’t able to share their skills with local startups and established businesses


Our aim is for The Kiln to become a physical collaboration and co-working space in the Heart of Worcester

We want to encourage those with tech, craft and creative skills to work together to create enterprising new ideas and creations.

A year into the project we have gained a sizeable following of people from all backgrounds regularly attending our events. We have also gained the support from local the tech and creative industries as well as gaining support and encouragement from the Local Enterprise Partnership, the University, the County and City Council.

We are now being considered a key independent part in the plans for innovation, creative and tech based growth within the county!


In 2015 we created the brand and started holding events. Throughout 2016 we have been holding more events, gathering momentum and a following, and started making solid plans for the space we hope to create.

The third stage – the plan for 2017

We want to:

  • Launch our open-access workspace in Worcester
  • Offer regular and relevant events that draw in enthusiastic people and provide real benefits to local people
  • Provide a home for a growing body of startups and freelancers with flexible work and event space
  • Build relationships with other regional and national hubs to put Worcestershire on the map

What we need to get there?

In order to take our next step and create a physical space,we need your help. In particular, we need:

● A strong and ongoing project management team
● Staff to run the location day-to-day
● Space in an appropriate building
● Funding for capital equipment and fit-out
● Initial founder tenants who want to be hands on shaping our space
● A network of contacts to provide advice and inspire our startups

We want you to be part of our journey and visible in the success of the startups that will call the Kiln their home.

Can you help?

Business Support

Do you own a business? If so what can it provide us with to further our cause?

Support from individuals and the community

Ultimately we are a community of individuals, and to that end the greatest support we can receive is through the growth of that community.

As an individual we need you to:

Our Pitch Pack

Much of the information on this page, including more statistics from the survey we caried out can be found within our pitch pack. Know someone who might be able to help us, why not send it on to them with a link to this page.


Who we are

A group of people who think Worcester needs just this kind of organisation and couldn’t find one, so decided to set one up.



Jamie is a long term nerd and cyber security expert. He is the founder of The Friendly Nerd, a start-up that provides cyber training to SMEs.



Worcestershire-born Sarah is a leading figure in East London’s tech scene, heading up Google Campus and leading groundbreaking initiatives such as Campus for Mums.



Greg is the co-owner of F8 Creates where guides the art direction and projects for the team. He also co-owns The Vinyl adventure with Hamish. In what spare time he has he enjoys drawing and painting.



Hamish co-owns F8 Creates and The Vinyl Adventure with Greg. He is also an avid photographer with particular interest in film photography, is the founder of a successful film photography blog, and is working on the launch of his first iphone app.



A creative force, Will is a Worcester-based Architectural Technologist who claims to never use social media. He also likes to get hands-on, creating round timber furniture…



A source of brilliant ideas, Seb is new in town having previously led major healthcare IT projects in London.



Joel is The Kiln’s representative within Worcester University. Having has recently completed the BA course in Illustration. Joel is actively pursuing a career combining his social commentary illustration with his strong graphic sensibility for effective advertising and marketing purposes.

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